Marlin Awards Prepares to Honor Four including Sir Charles Carter (Bahamas), Jamie Thomas (Trinidad), Adrian Agard (Barbados) the Love Singers from the Bahamas.

The Caribbean Gospel Music Marlin Awards intend to honor (4) individuals  including two Bahamians, the late Sir Edward Charles Carter II and gospel  legends The Love Singers during the Marlin Awards Silver Jubilee  Ceremony, this coming Sunday July 3rd 2022 at the Myles E. Munroe  Diplomat Center beginning at 6:00pm. The additional two individuals being  honored include regional gospel music producer, promoter and radio &  television personality the late Jamie Thomas from Trinidad & Tobago and  industry pioneer Adrian Agard from Barbados.  

Sir Edward Charles Carter II will receive the Local Contribution  Award for his years of invaluable contribution to the advancement and promotion of Bahamian Gospel Music. Sir Charles who was  knighted by Queen Elizabeth II in 2016, began his career in  broadcasting at the Broadcasting Corporation of The Bahamas as a  rookie radio announcer in 1964. That incredible journey truly began  in the fall of 1967 when Sir Charles started producing a program  called “The Young Bahamian Show”.

For many Bahamians Sir Charles Carter hosted many of the countries  National events including our Historic first ever Independence  celebrations with over 50,000 in attendance and many more  listening. Sir Charles played a key role in the introduction of ZNS TV  and was named its General Manager in 1978. After several years  working in the private sector, Sir Charles was elected to the House of  Assembly in 1982 and served as a very popular and respected  representative for 10 years as the MP for Holy Cross.  

During his relatively short political career Sir Charles held many post  with distinction including MP and Senator and he also served as  Minister of Foreign Affairs and as Minister of Health. 

With politics behind him Sir Charles went back to his calling, back to his  passion. Sir Charles travelled up and down our Bahama land, going from island to island and settlement to settlement in search of our stories, our  people, and our culture. And he recorded it all. On October 4th, 1997, at  

8:30am on 1540 ZNS 1 “These are Bahamians” aired for the very first time. It  was a show that presented Sir Charles with the perfect vehicle in which he  could allow Bahamians to share their stories, he could promote the very  people that he so loved, and he thrived.  

Sir Charles also used this show as a platform to introduce and promote  Bahamian Gospel Music. A number of traditional and contemporary gospel  artists appeared on “These are Bahamians” since its inception, exposing  gospel recording artists to a wider national audience. 

Legendary Gospel group The Love Singers will receive the Life Time  Achievement Award for their years of crafting, promoting and advancing Bahamian and Caribbean Gospel Music. The legendary Love Singers can be  considered a true Bahamian gospel supergroup. The band has a legacy of  authenticity and innovation that has reshaped the gospel music scene in  The Bahamas, the Caribbean and the world at large. 

The Love Singers was founded around 1974 by Myron Walker, Felton  Williamson and Johnny Swann. The group grew to become a band in 1976  with the addition of Lionel Harris, Charles Brown and Michael Bullard. With  the addition of the late Dr. Mark Bethel on vocals, the recipe for greatness  was assured. In fact, the list of original members of the group reads like a  veritable “who’s who” of Bahamian music: the late Myron Walker and Dr.  Mark Bethel, Andrew Gardiner, Lionel and Lavonne Harris, Johnny Swann,  Charles Brown, Michael Bullard, Felton Williamson, Jacob and Patrice  McPhee, Sacario Leadon, Fred Ferguson, Wilola Carol and Malvese Capron. Dr. Bethel led the group after Myron Walker’s passing, and his vocal gifts  together with the band’s skillful stylings, personality and devout character  was responsible for successfully navigating the group throughout The  Bahamas, the Caribbean and the USA. The gospel group ministered in word  and song and had hits like The Christian ABCs, As You Live, None Has  Changed the World and Give Me A Clean Heart.  

The late Radio Personality, Producer, Director and Television host Jamie  Thomas from Trinidad & Tobago will receive the Dr Myles E.Munroe  International Leadership Award of Merit. Thomas will be the first recipient of this award. Jamie has been in the spotlight for many years. 

As a teenager he starred in two local television series, Body Beat and Party  Time. On January 1st, 1992, he dedicated his life to Jesus Christ and in  September 1995, at the age of twenty one, he began his weekly radio  program “Positive Vibes” on Radio 98.9FM. Always ready for a challenge,  Jamie migrated to the Cayman Islands in January 1998 to work as a radio  announcer for a gospel radio station called Heaven 97 FM. In 2018 “Jay T”, as he was affectionally called, was appointed “Artistic  Coordinator for the Caribbean’s Premier Arts event “Carifesta XIV” – a  CARICOM initiative under the Trinidad & Tobago Ministry of Community  Development, Culture and the Arts. Jamie became even more well known  throughout the region and in many countries around the world for his  appearance as host and producer of the gospel television show “Rise &  Shine” which aired on the Caribbean based television network, Tempo  Television. Rise & Shine afforded Jamie yet another opportunity to  showcase Caribbean gospel talent. 

Jamie was truly passionate about radio and was extremely excited when he  was asked to serve as the Program Director & Station Manager for  W107.1FM the Word, Trinidad and Tobago’s number 1 Urban Inspirational  radio station.  

Jamie also worked very closely with the Caribbean Gospel Music Marlin  Awards for many years, helping to not only promote the awards but to  create networking and promotional opportunities for many of the artists  who have participated throughout the years. 

As a result of his many years of promoting and advancing Caribbean  Gospel Music, in 2014 Jamie was presented with the President’s Award, one  of the highest honors given out during the staging of each Marlin Awards  ceremony.  

On May 2nd 2022, our dear friend and brother, Jamie made his transition.  His passing rocked the gospel community in Trinidad, throughout the  region and many parts of the world who not only knew Jamie but grew to  love him as a colleague and a friend.  

The final honoree will be Adrian Agard, a promoter and a regional  Christian retail pioneer from Barbados. Agard will be presented with The  President’s Award this year, considered one of the highest honors to be  bestowed during the hosting of any Marlin Awards ceremony. Agard will be  in New Providence this weekend to accept his award in person. In 1981 Mr.  Agard pioneered a contemporary Gospel Music program called “Priority”  on the newly established Voice of Barbados 790AM. Between 1981 and  1988 he coordinated events for the local band “Promise” and also led tours  to various Caribbean islands. 

Being involved in the promotion of local and regional Gospel music Mr.  Agard was invited to sit on a committee to plan the first Barbados Gospelfest  held in 1993, the brainchild of then Minister of Tourism Rev. Dr. Wesley Hall  and produced by the Barbados Tourist Board. Two years later Mr. Agard was  asked to chair a committee from the local Christian Community which would  take responsibility for the production of the Barbados Gospel festival. 

By 1997, with support from the BTA waning, Mr. Agard and his wife Grace  took full responsibility for the production of the Barbados Gospelfest. Under  his leadership the festival became more diverse in its music and arts  offerings with a very strong emphasis of providing a platform for Barbadian,  regional and international artistes, embracing artistes from Canada, the UK  and the  

African continent. Mr. Agard led the creation of a Vision and Mission  Statement for the festival as well as new branding. Almost 30 years on the  Barbados Gospelfest has grown to be known as the “Caribbean’s premiere  Christian music and arts festival”. In 1998 along with his wife, Grace, Mr.  Agard established “Things Gospel” retail store in Barbados providing a range  of Christian resources and supplies. 

Several companies are serving as GOLD Sponsors this year including  Breezes Bahamas (The Official Resort of Marlin Awards 2022), 1019 Joy FM  (The Official Radio Station of Marlin Awards 2022) and CGTV (The Official  Caribbean Television Station for Marlin Awards 2022). BRONZE Sponsors 

include Bahamas Harvest Church and Cargos TV (The Official Television App  for Marlin Awards 2022).  

The Marlin Awards will serve as the final event during Marlin Weekend of  Events 2022 which will include the hosting of the Marlin Fest Concert on  Friday July 1st 2022 at Bahamas Harvest Church West Campus (JRK)  beginning at 7:00pm and the Marlin Summit Workshops on Saturday July  2nd 2022 which will be held at Bahamas Faith Ministries beginning at  9:00am. 

The Marlin Awards Silver Jubilee Awards Celebration will close out the  weekend of events on Sunday July 3rd 2022 at the Myles E. Munroe  Diplomat Center beginning at 6:00pm. Tickets for this year’s Caribbean  Gospel Music Marlin Awards start at $25 for General admission, $30 at the  door and $50 for VIP. Ticket can be purchased from Logos Bookstore in the  Harbor Bay Shopping Plaza, The Oasis Bookstore & Café located in the  Myles E. Munroe Diplomat Center and the Bible Book & Gift Center located  in the Palmdale Shopping Plaza 

The awards will be produced by Oracle Media Consultants, formerly Harris  Media Group. For additional information for any Marlin Awards Weekend of Events and  for tickets interested persons can contact at the Marlin Awards at 826-8052  or via email at or visit the awards official website  at

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