• Positive Accepts Award
    Positive Accepts Award
    • Gabrielle Denae Accepts
      Gabrielle Denae Accepts
      • Neesha Woodz Accepts
        Neesha Woodz Accepts
        • Shaback Performs
          Shaback Performs
          • Sherwin Gardner Accepts
            Sherwin Gardner Accepts
            • Samuel Medas Performs
              Samuel Medas Performs
              • Marlin Awards President Kevin Harris
                Marlin Awards President Kevin Harris
                • Nigel Lewis & Shaback Perform
                  Nigel Lewis & Shaback Perform
                  • Gabrielle Denae Performs
                    Gabrielle Denae Performs
                    • Positive Performs
                      Positive Performs
                      • Neesha Woodz Performs
                        Neesha Woodz Performs
                        • Sherwin Gardner Performs
                          Sherwin Gardner Performs
                          • Kem Gardiner Performs
                            Kem Gardiner Performs
                            • Charisa Munroe Accepts
                              Charisa Munroe Accepts
                              • Quetell Harris Accepts
                                Quetell Harris Accepts

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                                Music Video of the Year -Duo or Group (Nominees)

                                Music Video of the Year -Duo or Group (Nominees)

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                                2016 Nominees

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                                2016 Nominees

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                                2016 Song of the Year Nominations

                                1. All To You Agozie 4:28
                                2. Big God Nigel Lewis feat Shaback 5:43
                                3. Fyah Fyah!!! Neesha Woodz 4:37
                                4. Grain of Sand Gabrielle Denae 3:59
                                5. I Surrender All Monique Terez 4:13
                                6. Positive Music Jaron 3:01
                                7. Here I Am Kem Gardiner 4:36
                                8. Love Letter from Heaven Samuel Medas 6:28
                                9. Mighty Healer Positive 4:12
                                10. Shot Ah Fiyah Monty G feat. Tiko T 5:02
                                11. Your Eyes Are On Me ft. Fred Hammond Papa San 4:02
                                12. Beautiful Pasquin 3:55
                                13. In The Son Rizon 3:28
                                14. Secret Place Shaback 9:21
                                15. Fixer Sherwin Gardner 4:34
                                2016 Song of the Year Nominees